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Meet the Team

A Legacy Built on Trust

+Family Matters Family Owned and operated by Marcos & Kari Moreira and her Daughter Architect Domenica Garcia, CBHG is proud to be a family business, serving all of Long Island for over 16 years



Marcos Moreira


Portrait Kari.heic

Kari Bermeo


"As a child in the rural area, I spent many hours planting trees and revegetating  my Grandfathers' and Father's farm, this gave me a deep affiliation with the land. After I finished school I travelled overseas. I identified with nature in South and Central America, visited museums and galleries in Europe and that made me passionate about art and landscape design”. Marcos said

Marcos always recognized that he could do projects better, faster and with more value than anyone inspired by real nature. Marcos began his career in 1999 working for a renowned Landscaping Company in Suffolk, literally digging holes and planting, assess yards, focal points from views from windows, also the plants names. Keen to learn, routinely drew and created many landscape designs. Work experience soon became in passionate work.  

Promoted rapidly within the organization he worked, Marcos quickly learned the ins and outs of Landscaping design and construction and  he became responsible for constructing hundreds of landscaping projects, up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

In 2007, while running these larger projects Marcos finally decided that he was ready to take ownership of projects and jobs not only in terms of commitment, but in name as well. Thus, Creative Builders Home & Garden was born.

Kari, grew up seeing her father operate a successful industrial engineering company managing large projects and contracts for a industrial plant of recognized brands worldwide. From a very young age when she finished high school and College, she was involved in all aspects of the family company business, from working in the field, to managing of the business’ contracts and functions.

Kari is former Fortune 500 executive over 15 years of experience in Finance area. She held a strong track record building and managing successful negotiations with financial institutions.

Since 2014, Kari decided to put all her expertise at the service of Creative Builders Home & Garden and manage with success the Construction Division.

​Kari has a Degree in Business, served as President of Sabmiller Foundation. Award winner recognized for her work in the Community and many Nonprofit organizations, has been interviewed several times on TV channels as CNN. She is Co-author of  First National Book Hispanic Stars, The New Face of Power. Since 2022 she has been serving at Suffolk County Woman Enterprise Coalition, SCWBEC on the Board, first as Director of Operations and since that day forward as Operations Committee Chair.


Get to Know Us

Creative Builders Home & Garden's evolution and growth is the result of Marcos and Karina's fearless approach to overcoming challenges and his intense focus on two core values: Delivering impeccable service to clients and putting people at the heart of everything CBH&G’s does. 

Today we are a company with over a thousand satisfied clients, many of whom come back again and again, year after year. This 99.9% retention rate is fueled by Marcos and Karina who lives his passion for create stunning spaces from the inside out. 

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